The difference on construction details make the difference..

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The difference on construction details make the difference..

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The difference on construction details make the difference in our sails:
in performance-durability-easiness-longterm in use,
because they are the UNIQUE HANDCRAFTED sails on the world! ... gn-theory/


Ezzy's unique batten tensioner!

Endobatten Shaping
The shaping in our sails is done in every panel along with the luff curve. There is shape in every panel and every panel overlaps to create a batten pocket. Doing this we can make the draft in the sail move forward.

Other company’s sails, the draft moves back when you sheet in. This creates a constant pull on your backhand.

Finest Manufacturing Standards Available
Every Ezzy Sail is assembled by David Ezzy’s own factory. This means the quality control is set up to his exacting standards. Every sail is rigged before it leaves the factory to make sure every seam is flawless.

When the sails are being made in the factory, every one is rigged and checked for quality.


Graham EZZY interview... ... ent-295998

Θέμα: Graham EZZY interview...

Continentseven: Do you test sails from other brands, too to get new ideas?

Graham Ezzy: I try to test most of the new gear from other brands, but there aren’t very many new ideas out there. Most brands shape their sails according to the same principles. Within those principles, there are variations like more or less luff curve etc, but the basic philosophy is all the same. However, our sails come from a pretty different design philosophy than all other brands.

Graham Ezzy – Interview
Continentseven: Is a Ezzy Sails teamrider a 100% focused wavesailor?

Graham Ezzy: Our sails are born from Hookipa. My father, David Ezzy, was of the very first generation of Ho’okipa windsurfers. He has seen Ho’okipa grow and change over the last 30+ years of windsurfing. It is here that our sails come from. This ethos leaks into every part of the Ezzy lifestyle – especially the team. But does the Ezzy rider have to be just a wavesailor?
No. The Ezzy rider is someone, who loves windsurfing. 
This is the core: love of windsurfing. ... ent-295998

Graham EZZY using EZZY sails & masts, Chinook booms, bases, extensions, accessories and the K4 Fins!

All are available in Greece by
Xtreme Watersports Xperts & Specialists

http://windswaveswarehouse-specialoffer ... chive.html